Tuesday, August 09, 2011

London Burning

Along with many others, I am watching news reports of events in London, and now some of our other cities, over the last few days.  Images of young people rioting and looting...and of young people getting out on those streets and clearing up, starting to reclaim the streets for their community...

When we write-off those who are not us – write-off the looters, the bankers, the politicians, the police, the journalists, the fatherless young, the absent fathers, the have-nots, the have-and-won't-shares, the blacks, the hoodies – write everyone off, we both create the environment in which evil can flourish, and then further perpetuate the problem.

When we choose to serve others before ourselves, we create an environment in which good can flourish, in which people can flourish.  Not an uncontested environment, but one we must work to create in the face of the alternative.  An environment of hope.

The events of the past three days are not good.  But God is at work in all things to bring about good.  May these days be an opportunity we embrace, to live differently, that our communities might be transformed.

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