Tuesday, August 09, 2011


What would happen in a society where generations of young people had not experienced and received love from their parents; and had not experienced success in any sphere through their school years?  What would happen if all they had known was failure?  If they were told that they were bad, so that they resigned themselves, or even aspired, to what would go with that?

What would happen in a society where generations saw success as an entitlement; perhaps as a pay-off for a lack of experienced love; or perhaps as something cheap, never having experienced failure?

What would happen in a society where such people lived side-by-side?

There would be understandable, though not justifiable, rioting.

And there would be others, who were learning the lessons of having experienced and received love, and having experienced success and failure – who were not fully-formed, but who were on an adventure of formation – who love themselves securely enough to love their neighbour.  Others, who got on their social networks, and flash-mobbed to clean the streets, to serve the fearful, to pray for our cities...

That is what would happen.

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