Thursday, February 23, 2006


I had an appointment with the friendly and helpful people at jobnet at the Netherthorpe and Upperthorpe Community Alliance today. They were really, really good - and I'm all the more positive about their service because I've dealt with various other professional employment advisors lately who were either unfriendly and/or unhelpful...

In with a pack of useful information was a postcard. A publicity piece, the idea is that if any of their clients go away on holiday, they should send them their postcard, and - like balloons people used to release when I was a kid - you'd see which [in this case] postcard got the furthest from home...

Unfortunately, I have no plans to go on holiday anywhere in the near future. So I thought I'd put the card on here, and see where it got to...It would be great if one or two of you in Aus/NZ/US/... could copy the image and email it to jobnet[at]nuca[dot]co[dot]uk, with a message along the lines of "Your fantastic reputation extends to [fill-in-the-blank] !" If you do, post a comment to let me know. There is nothing in it for me, and it is free publicity for them.

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  1. Yes, cheers Jo! [And thanks for the other email, too]

    Right, who can get us further away than Melbourne?