Sunday, February 05, 2006

New Home

We moved house on Wednesday. It will take some time before everything is unpacked...and we don't have a landline/internet access yet either - thank you, Helen, for answering Andrew Jones' question for me!

This is the view along the back of our row of terraces. 'Ours' (rented) is the one with the green drain-pipe (this side of the pipe). The church at the end of the street is St Thomas' Crookes. This is the church where Jo and I were married; where Jo used to work, and where I worked before most of the staff moved down the hill to the Philadelphia Campus; and where Susannah and Noah were both christened. So, it has played a significant part in our past (though we haven't been part of that community for many years now); and now it is the backdrop for this next season...

I have a job interview this coming Friday, for a local Community Sector organisation. It is just the sort of experience I'd like at the moment. In the meantime, there are a lot of boxes to unpack, and flat-pack furniture to assemble...

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