Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Rachel came through her operation well, and is recovering in the High Dependency Unit. The surgeon was able to remove all of the tumour, which was benign. Very soon after coming out of theatre, Rachel was aware of her family, and expressing concern for their emotional welfare. She also accused the surgeon of bringing in a horse to kick her in the head. So neither her compassion nor her sense of humour appear to have been impaired : )

What is needed now is for the swelling to go down, without any internal bleeding, and without Rachel contracting any post-op infections. Our whole family has valued the prayers of friends around the world, and we know that you'll keep praying now. Thank you.


  1. God is great! We in Singapore will continue to pray for her recovery.

    Hon Leong & Joy Lee

  2. Henry:

    Australian friends are praying with you folks.

    Henry & Ju Kong

  3. Wonderful news - we'll keep praying for Rachel, and also for you guys as you seek him for the next step.

    Lots of love, the Saxtons in Phoenix

  4. good news mate, will keep on praying.

    the rev