Saturday, December 24, 2005

Father Christmas' Communion

The children have gone to bed now, having set out the traditional mince-pie-and-glass-of-sherry for that great bishop of the Church, Santa Claus. It struck me how much they looked like the elements set out for Communion - not surprisingly, given that in their most elemental form they are (sweet) bread and (fortified) wine.

And that, in turn, got me thinking about communion, the coming-together-in-unity of God and humanity, Creator and created. We tend to view taking communion as an act of remembering Jesus' death on the cross - his body broken and his blood shed for the forgiveness of sins. But it speaks of Christmas as much as Easter - Jesus' body broken and his blood shed; the physicality of the Spirit; the visibile expression of the Invisible God; Emmanuel - God with us.


  1. A very merry Christmas from the land of Oz! May you enjoy the season and the cooler weather. Let us know when you know where God is leading you guys

  2. Anonymous11:00 am

    Happy Christmas Jo and Andrew!

  3. ofcourse you didn't drink the alcohol, that would be sinful!!!


    Hope you are finding God in this time of uncertainty my friend. Blessing for the new year.

    the rev

  4. Your world to me is strange and alien. However, I wish you and your family all the best.