Monday, August 01, 2005

Continuity And Change

I thought I'd change the title of my blog, seeing as "6 good reasons" is tied to a postal district that will only be home for another three weeks (see photo). I might go the Dan route of changing the title regularly; but then again...

"Kairos kisses" is a term Malcolm Potts - who we'll be spending our sabbatical with in Perth, WA - used in a recent email. I like it.

"Kairos" is the Greek word for "time" as in event or opportunity (as opposed to "chronos" - chronological time). It's the time Jesus refers to in his invitation: "the time has come; the kingdom of God is near; repent and believe the good news!" A kairos moment is an opportunity to experience God's life-giving rule breaking into our daily experience, as we turn and embrace Him. It might be a major life event; or a small, everyday occurance; arriving with a fanfare, or so quietly it is easily missed. I guess "Kairos kisses" happen when people connect in such a way that God's kingdom breaks in to both/all their lives. Like I said, I like it...

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  1. changing titles are the future.