Sunday, August 07, 2005

Wedding Weekend

It was great to see Alistair & Kathryn get married yesterday, in the company of lots of friends from uni days. (I'll get round to uploading some more photos, and link to them from here.)

It all started badly, though, when we arrived at the hotel to discover that they hadn't delivered on the adjoining rooms we'd booked. There just wasn't room for the four of us in the room they had allocated us, and the best they could do was give us a second room across the corridor. Jo took Noah, and I took Susie; two nights in a hotel and not able to be in the same room as my wife wasn't quite what we'd looked forward to...but the wedding celebrations were so much fun that overall we had a great time. Bell-ringers know how to drink real ale and ceilidh!

Alistair, and several of their other guests, shared houses with Jo when we were students. Ten years on from graduating, and scattered across the country, we've tended to meet up again once or twice each year, both "home" - everyone coming back to Sheffield for a reunion weekend of the Sheffield Universities Guild of Change Ringers, through which they first met - and "away" - hiring a Youth Hostel for a weekend ringing tour. Alistair was most unimpressed that we won't be coming back from Perth for the next weekend tour, in November! If we do end up on the other side of the world for the foreseable future, it will be strange not seeing them all for a while...

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