Sunday, December 24, 2023

Advent 2023: Day 22


Image: a railway platform with the words MIND THE GAP painted for the benefit of those alighting from the train, so that the letters are upside-down from the perspective of those waiting to board the train.


Now is the season for journeys home by train
(it has been too long)
Stepping forward, I launch myself
across the gap,
momentarily suspended between above
and here below
sole touching solid ground
once more: look down (intake of breath)
look up (and exhale, slow)
and turn to scan beyond the press of coats
and rumbling cases, a jostling crowd
and find you, reaching for my gaze
arm raised in joyful welcome
I rush forward, let go my case and sink
in your embrace.


Passengers a-lighting,
please mind the gap
between the carriage and the platform.


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