Sunday, May 24, 2020

Dominic Cummings Must Go

Over recent weeks, I have taken the funeral of a man whose wife of over sixty years was unable to see him for over two weeks leading up to his death. Of a woman whose husband of over fifty years had been unable to see her for the last six weeks of her life. Funerals for several families who had to decide which son would get to see and say goodbye to their father. And where families have had to decide, who gets to be present at the funeral, and who has to look on online?

Everything about human love wants to be together at times of vulnerability. Some of these families pleaded special case, to be the exception to the rules. All of them accepted that, hard though this is, this was what was required of us.

All of them have been told today that, throughout this period, it was really down to individual families to decide how best to interpret and apply the rules.

All of them will go through feeling that, in some way, they have failed their most loved ones. And this has been compounded today. From today, they will ask themselves, would it really have hurt to break the rules?

And the doctors and nurses and vicars who have held the line, and who will carry on being there as families work through a grief made even more painful. My heart goes out to you, too.

Originally posted on Facebook, yesterday.

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