Thursday, May 23, 2019


We, in the UK, are in a protracted process of leaving the EU. But, today, we are still in the EU, and so, today, we get to vote in the European Parliamentary elections.

There are a couple of parties standing on the ticket of delivering Brexit. Indeed, across all parties standing, this election campaign has felt like a re-run at the 2016 Referendum. But it is not in the gift of MEPs to deliver Brexit, so this misses the point, and the opportunity.

The sole question that matters today is, out of those standing, who do we believe will help the EU to be its best possible self, for as long as we remain part of it and thus have any influence?

Because even when we leave, they will still be our neighbours, our friends—after all, most high-profile Brexiteers claim they love Europe—still be countries we need to work with to address global issues.

So, go and vote, and vote for someone who will help the EU to be its best possible self. Not for someone who will take a salary and refuse to work for the common good.

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