Thursday, September 28, 2017


The man who slipped into the building early doors to light a candle and sit for a few moments before slipping back out again; and the couple who came and sat in the same space a little later on.

The older couple, come with their daughter and brand new granddaughter, to discuss their upcoming renewal of wedding vows.

The couple who came in to look around at the architecture. The smattering of people who came in to catch the art exhibition; and the artists here to begin to take it out again.

The two ladies arranging flowers as a last act of loving service to the member of our congregation whose funeral will be held on Monday.

The workmen tearing out a wall and old toilet to make way for a new servery in the vestry.

The crowd of women of all shapes and sizes here to attend Weight Watchers; and the crowd of men and women of all shapes and sizes having lunch in the café.

Another man, sitting in the pews towards the back of the nave while three women attended the lunchtime Communion in the chapel.


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