Sunday, December 08, 2013

Advent 2013 : Day 8

Gabriel, said God
I have another message that needs sent.
Go to the town of Nazareth, and there
you’ll find a most remarkable young girl,
exceptional among her peers.
She never fails to do exactly as she ought,
helps out her mother without thought
of playing with the other girls;
she never pulls her sister’s hair,
or hides her brother’s much-loved toy.
She sits apart and contemplates such worthy things.
In short, most tiresome.
Though, as I said, remarkable enough,
you’ll have no doubt you’ve found the girl.
And when you do,
you want next door.
Mary, a girl you would not pick out in a crowd,
a bubbling brook
of hopes and fears
of tears and laughter
of wide-eyed dreams and bright-eyed mischief;
in short, like any other.
If you can catch her eye, then let her know that she is chosen.

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