Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Advent 2012 : Day 4


Beneath the canopy of heaven

unprotected, true heirs

of kings and sometime prophets

faithful, keep suspended watch.

Hidden from those who trust

in wood and stone,

they rest where father Jacob’s

angel-ladder touches earth.

The air is thick and shimmers

with a singing weight,

encounters down the ages across realms;

yet, even so, the messenger of

glory and of peace

elicits fear: for shepherds know

that none can bear the news

for which they wait, and long to hear.

Nevertheless, the time has come

to shed the shepherd-skin,

as Shepherds, blinking,

push their way into the light.

Biblical references to shepherds: the Patriarchs, King David, the prophet Amos, God himself.

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