Monday, November 29, 2010

Advent 2 : Making Room In The Kitchen

Have you ever noticed how, whenever a crowd of people come together for a party, they all gravitate to the kitchen?  They might come in search of more food, or to refill their glass...but they don’t take the plate back to whatever other room they came from.  And when everyone else has left, the last guest standing will be propping up the kitchen counter, putting the world to rights.

How might we make room for Jesus in the centre of our lives, in the kitchen?

Jesus himself said that he will come to us in those who are in any kind of need: that we welcome him by welcoming him in others; that, despite our protestations, our neatly formulated words of orthodox belief, we reject Jesus when we reject another human being – one made in the likeness of God, made to bear God’s presence.

Tea and sympathy are of little use to anyone per se; but the kitchen is a great place in which to offer shelter, in which to minister the very presence of God to someone’s life, in which to minister to the very presence of God in their life...

Advent: making room for Jesus – in the kitchen.

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