Monday, February 08, 2010

Have More Fun : Make More Mistakes : Indirect Effort

Yesterday, France beat Scotland at rugby.

I think it is significant that when you look at the statistical analysis you discover that the French made more ball-handling errors, and even conceded more penalties.

The Scots worked really hard, and it paid off in the form of some crunching defensive tackles and probing breaks in attack. But somehow they didn’t manage to take the chances they created.

The French, on the other hand, played for fun – even though they took hard knocks, even though several of them will be very sore today. They played for fun, not being overly concerned to eliminate mistakes. And it paid off in the form of some of the chances they created resulting in tries.

Indeed, playing for the sheer joy of the game gave the side a cohesion that it did not have from having played together – the current coach has sent out far too many caps for that kind of cohesion to exist.

Both teams exerted considerable effort. But indirect effort – in this case, seeking to have fun rather than seeking to eliminate mistakes – was (as is so often the case) more effective.

We need to play the kingdom life for the boundless joy of the game. Otherwise, the sheer force of the opposition will grind us out.

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