Sunday, December 03, 2006

Advent 1 : First Sunday

Often, as I’m pulling on my coat and heading towards the door, my son (not quite 4) will call out, “Wait for me!” “Wait for me!” – and hold me up…

Frequently, when I’m taking him to nursery, he’ll run down the ginnel and out along the street; and, if the key sticks in the lock, I’ll emerge onto the pavement calling out, “Wait for me!” “Wait for me!” – to see him almost at the end of the road already…

If I listen, will I hear God’s voice, calling “Wait for me!” “Wait for me!” – holding me up, here…calling me back, there…?

And will I feel frustration at his calling out; or will I choose to take delight in being close, in holding his hand, in the conspirator whispers of a small boy with his dad…?

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  1. great post, loving journeying through advent with you.