Thursday, November 23, 2006

Buy Nothing Day | Preparing For Winter

Maggi Dawn writes great posts, and I really like this one. I must admit I’d not come across Buy Nothing Day before. The idea sounds a bit like standing frozen still in the middle of Far Gate or Meadowhall and letting the crowds of Christmas shoppers stream past, like they do in time-lapse film footage; before exhaling and stepping forward into momentum again…And that pause is a helpful one. But, if it is just an opting-out, that feels slightly negative to me.

Which is why I really like the way Maggi describes using the time freed-up from shopping, to prepare practically for winter, and thoughtfully for Christmas. Go read. I also found it helped me see the hitherto depressing thought of sorting out the chaos that is Susannah and Noah’s attic bedroom (or, to be fair, the more grown-up rooms of our house!) in a positive light…though how I face it remains to be seen! And finally, it chimes well with the idea of Advent – okay, I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but, you know I love Advent – being a time of active waiting and preparation. Perhaps the weekend before Advent begins is the time to set the house in order after all.

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