Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kingdom, Canvas, Cardigan

Jesus told people to make it their priority to keep their eyes out for God's Kingdom breaking-in. It could be taking place anywhere; but most likely in the places we don't expect to find it. I find it breaking-in all over the place here - especially in the 'think' section. Take the time to pay a visit.

I love Howies' twice-yearly art competitions [you can view the best submissions online]. The purpose - executed in whatever media you like - is simply to make people think. The power of art is that it provokes multi-directional lateral thoughts. The best art - like the best films, and the best novels - doesn't tell you what to think; it provokes you to think for yourself.

I see the Kingdom at work in Howies not only in the uncompromising way in which they confront the status quo, the power-structures of our day; but also in the generosity they extend - they don't want everyone to be just like them; don't think they have all the answers; and don't think everything about the world they are challenging is bad. They hold out an alternative way to live, an alternative future to imagine into being, and ask others to make their own decisions.

The Kingdom of God is just like that; and, at its best, so could the Church be...


  1. Anonymous3:02 pm

    That's the power of art!

  2. further to your recent post about fair trade stuff, there's a programme on friday night on bbc2 (i think) at 8 (i think) about just how fair it really is