Sunday, September 25, 2005

Shark Days

Most days here the sky seems to be blue, the ocean turquoise. But on Friday, the sky was overcast, the ocean grey. "Shark Days," Malcolm and Cheryl call them - days you just stay out of the water, because you would never be able to spot a dorsal fin coming...

...Sure enough, on Saturday evening's news, there was an interview with a guy who survived a shark attack - apparently unscathed, but a bit rattled by the experience - on Friday, surfing off a beach about 10 k's north of here. He thought it was a seal.

[I realise that might not be the kind of post my mother wants to read, so I'll hasten to add that it was the first time he'd seen a shark in twenty years of surfing - plus, as "fore-warned is fore-armed" we're not going in the water on Shark Days anyway.]

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