Thursday, September 29, 2005

Photo (At Last!)

I'm yet to find a way of uploading photos fast enough to put several on at once, but here, at last, is a photo! The building is the Indiana Tea Rooms, a very expensive tea rooms (we've not been in!); the water is the Indian Ocean; the beach curving round behind the Indiana is Cottesloe Beach, with North Cottesloe Beach running off to the right-hand-side of the picture.


  1. Hi
    I think you'll find its the Indianna tea rooms.
    Great blog. Enjoying your adventures from NZ. Hope you don;t mind, but I've linked my latest post to your site.
    See you soon.

  2. Yeah - I realised I'd got the name wrong, just after I'd posted and gone off to meet someone, but you caught me out before I was able to fix it!

  3. indian ocean pah! give me the north sea at mablethorpe anyday

  4. and YOU accuse ME of being a grumpy old man!

  5. Just think what a sacrifice you are making having to be away from wet, cold, windy, grey Sheffield.

  6. at least there's no sharks off mablethorpe. you just have to make sure you avoid the dog turds floating by...