Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I survived! In fact, a house-full of little girls and boys, and attending mummies, was better than the thought of a house-full of little girls and boys, and attending mummies...

...To begin with, the children got to decorate their own cupcake - melted chocolate spread on top, in which to embed all sorts of Smarties, jellies, Hundreds and Thousands, sugar shapes...the completed works all set aside in a cupcake tray, each 'cup' name-labelled so they all got to take their own cake home (my wife is a genius!)...then on to Pass The Parcel...then blowing out the candles on the birthday cake, followed by cake and orange squash all round...and then all the kids spurned the other games Jo had prepared, and went and played Going On Holiday in the kids' bedroom in the attic, while the grown-ups stayed downstairs and had cups of tea and coffee. Great - Light-Weight Parties Are Us!

That said, as predicted we're totally worn out now...and would go to bed, but Desperate Housewives (at 10:00 pm) is just too adictive!

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