Friday, April 29, 2005


Things are shaping up for a busy weekend. This morning Susannah had her pre-school boosters - an injection in both of her arms; followed by shoe-shopping for Noah at Meadowhall (two pairs, effectively for £1 thanks to money given us specifically for shoes for the kids); then on to The Alphabet Zoo soft-play centre (when I was a lad, my 'soft-play centre' was the field opposite our house; my climbing frame a Rowan tree...), but only for an hour as it was a gorgeous day outside; then home, to sit in the garden drinking tea (me) or dig dandelions out of the lawn (Jo) while the kids played outside.

This evening, Jo and I spent a couple of hours with about fifty people who are looking to join the missional community we are part of. In particular, it was great to see some of my Scandanavian friends - Pehr from Sweden, Christoffer and Johanna from Finland, and Peter and Hanna from Denmark (Peter and Hanna lived in Sheffield for a year a few years back). We reflected on Jesus' model of prayer, which embraces the Father's character, the Father's kingdom, the Father's provision, the Father's forgiveness, the Father's guidance, and the Father's protection - and engages with any and every situation in life.

More time together tomorrow, though we'll only be with them in the morning, as Susannah is to be a bridesmaid for the first time, at Matt and Berniece's wedding, in the afternoon!

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