Friday, March 04, 2005

No Laughing Matter?

I don't go for charity marathon telephons or celebrity reality TV in general, but it's Comic Relief time of year again, and I do like Comic Relief. (Comic Relief does Fame Academy is running at present, from last weekend up till the Comic Relief night, a week today.)

I love the fact that comedy so often has a social conscience - indeed, in my opinion the best comedy does. I love the fact that making a difference doesn't have to be done with a stoical straight face. I am deeply moved by the clips of people I "know" from the TV visiting people I will never "meet" - in Africa, and the UK - whose lives have been changed for the better because of this movement: I find the balance of tears and laughter acheived with a wonderful touch (and I recognise that isn't easy to pull off), and I don't believe that it is at all emotionally manipulative. In the work of Comic Relief I see God's kingdom come, even though many of those involved might not recognise that. I'm glad that God's kingdom is bigger than His church. And I'm committed to see that kingdom grow and grow, in all of its life-bringing creativity.

On another track (though some people seem to find it funny...), my parents dropped into Sheffield today en route elsewhere and delivered the new kilt I had specially ordered when we were up in Glasgow at New Year. It might have to get a more regular airing than just black-tie events...

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