Monday, March 14, 2005

Catch Up

Saturday 12th March.
Jo helped Matt and Berneice move most of their things to the cottage they'll be living in when they get married, while I spent time with Susie and Noah, which was great having been away. In the evening, Jo and I went out to dinner with friends, and, as we hadn't been able to find a babysitter, we took S&N with us, to put them to bed there...which didn't work very well! Poor little people; two disturbed nights in a row...

Our friend had just found out the night before that his father has a brain tumour; but they didn't want to cancel dinner, as they were hoping for something approaching normalcy at the end of a hard day. I don't know if we delivered. I think it was a good evening, but next time I travel I think I want space to talk about the trip with Jo when I get back...

Sunday 13th March.
Church in the morning, including pastoral crises; Jo's parents for lunch and the afternoon. Still no time to process the trip with Jo. All feel very strange.

Monday 14th March.
Jo is out again this morning (and this evening), but we're all off on holiday tomorrow, so - catch up then. For now, time to get some thoughts down in words! And, right now, time to collect Susannah and Noah from nursery.

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  1. Next time you're stuck for a babysitter, it might be worth giving us a call - we don't mind coming over to help you out.