Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bookend: Work

In (approximate) order I read them:
1. J Richard Middleton & Brian J Walsh, Truth is Stranger than it Used to Be
2. Andrew Walker, Telling the Story
3. Fergal Keane, Season of Blood
4. Gregory A. Boyd, God at War
5. Brian D. McClaren, a Generous Or+thodoxy
6. Brian J Walsh & Sylvia C. Keesmaat, Colossians Remixed
7. Stuart Murray, Church after Christendom
8. Steve Taylor, the out of bounds church?
9. Eddie Gibbs & Ryan K. Bolger, Emerging Churches
10. Kester Brewin, The Complex Christ

If-I-could-only-choose-one: Walsh & Keesmaat
Emotional attachment: Keane


  1. Andrew,
    I hear collosians remixed is excellent and am thinking of purchasing it.

    What did you think of it?

  2. Well, I've praised Taylor's and Brewin's books here recently, so when I rate Walsh & Keemaat's book as the one out of the above list that I would have to go with if I could only choose one, that should give you a clue!

    Colossians Remixed is a must-read for any Christian living in our late/post-modern western cultural context. Again and again, I come across Christian voices that proclaim that 'late modernity' is 'good' and 'postmodernity' is 'bad.' Colossians Remixed employs an orthodox Christian evaluation of postmodern critical theory, in turn applied to understanding this largely-marginalised (within the Church, let alone outside of it) biblical text, to expose a stinging critique of late modernity, and offer a counter-cultural alternative that is truly subversive, in the pattern of Jesus.

    I recognise that that last sentence is a complex one (!), but, how to summarise so important a work?! Bottom line: buy it; read it; seriously consider buying a second copy to give away.