Monday, March 21, 2022

Heart cry


How long, O Lord?
How many more children must die,
before you uproot Putin and remove him
to Sheol, to sleep with his ancestors
until the final Judgement?
How many homes must be reduced to dust,
before you return him to dust, and ashes?
For the sake of your reputation,
your holy name,
take back your life-breath,
your gift, so grievously mis-used.
O Judge and Ruler of the Nations,
establish justice and uphold peace.
Do not delay.
How long, O Lord?


Commentary: I am not calling for Putin to be removed by violence—violence only begets violence—but asking God to remove him (as God removes us all) sooner rather than later. Of a heart attack, or in his sleep, before a bullet or a bomb gets him and perpetuates greater suffering. Moreover, I am not asking that he burn in Hell, but that he sleep in Sheol. And I think that in this I stand in the tradition of my faith, in the company of the psalmists and the prophets.


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