Monday, June 08, 2020

Love is all you need

To my friends who say, “Why can’t we just love one another?” I hear you. I really do. But to love one another must include dismantling systemic injustice* and to say “Why can’t we just love one another?” without seeking to do so is not love.

So, yes, may you love truly and be truly loved. For that is, indeed, the greatest imperative on all of our lives.

*including the hold systemic injustice has on ourselves—which, I’d argue, we can’t do in our own strength but only by the grace and power of God’s Holy Spirit and in community with others so empowered. And this, of course, is an answer to the question, “Why can’t we just love one another?” for we are all enslaved by fear of the other, and need to be set free.

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