Saturday, March 30, 2019


It must be horrific to be an MP at present.

For two-and-a-half years, the Prime Minister has refused to listen to her own party, to the opposition parties, to elected representatives—elected by the 52% and the 48%—of all our communities, there by the will of the people to work for the common good, to investigate and propose and amend and improve legislation that impacts all our lives.

In addition, they are daily accused of betraying democracy by an ultra-right-wing press, accountable to no-one, offering no solutions to any of the challenges we face as a society, who exist to stir up hate (there is money to be made there). They are daily derided by the electorate. They receive hate mail and death threats, as they go about their work under utterly unreasonable pressure. It should come as no surprise that many of them are ill as a result of all this.

Who would be an MP right now?

It has long been the practice of the Church of England to pray daily for our Members of Parliament. I can't think of a time when they have been more in need of our prayers.

Lord, have mercy.

Father, forgive.

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