Monday, March 12, 2018

Girl power

Morning Prayer: Exodus 2:11-22

Yesterday I preached on what we need to learn from women about how to exercise transformative power (Exodus 2:1-10). Today the story continues, with a litany of male power play:

a man beating another man;

a man addressing that problem by killing the first man;

two more men fighting;

another man seeking to kill a man;

a group of men using physical aggression to prevent a group of women going about their lives;

and a man giving his daughter in marriage to another man.

This is contrasted with seven sisters working together, daily, to draw water for their father’s flock (albeit that they are, on at least one occasion, both prevented by men, and helped by a man). That is power at work: the power of collaboration, in order to secure an on-going future for the community.

Praying today for women and girls transforming their communities, often in the face of prejudice.

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