Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The stars look very different today

Earlier today on Facebook I made two quick observations on the social media responses to David Bowie’s death, with the intention of reflecting on them more fully. Of the outpouring itself, it is worth noting the need to stop and express gratitude and mark loss that is personal if not relational, but beyond that I am struck by the clearly recurring content of the responses.

I wrote:

‘Firstly, Bowie created environments that gave people permission to be themselves, to be creative, and to not be alone in the world. Secondly, he demonstrated that in order to remain fundamentally the same person over time we must change our perspective again and again. Both insights feel profoundly biblical. Yet the Church is not known for creating such environments, nor for demonstrating repentance; is not a community people look to, in relation to these fundamental human longings...’

What might we learn through doing some thoughtful cultural exegesis here?

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