Friday, September 27, 2013

God Is Not Enough

As we prepare to move to Sunderland, we have been deeply touched by how delighted folk over there are at the prospect of our arrival.

It has caused us to realise that it is a long time since we were delighted over. Appreciated, yes – even, very much so. But not delighted in.

And that has caused us to ask, why does it matter? Ought it to matter? Shouldn’t God’s approval be enough? After all, that is what we are told, that is what we are at times encouraged to sing. It is very spiritual.

But it isn’t scriptural.

Consider this: God, and Adam. Nothing has come between them. And yet God says, I AM not enough. And so God creates for the earthling another earthling. This is not a theology of marriage – something not everyone will experience – though marriage should reflect it. It is not about meeting a pragmatic need for reproduction, or for accomplishing work. It is a theology of being human; and key to the story is a delighting in another.

Being delighted in is profoundly healing, and strengthening (remember: these first two delighting humans have just been torn in two) – and God-given. And, of course, the same is true of delighting in another.

So today, may you know that God delights in you.

But may you also know that that is not enough.

And may you know, if not today and if not tomorrow then one day soon, the healing and strengthening delight of other flesh-and-blood.

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