Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mary : Martha : Lazarus

Today is the festival of Mary, Martha and Lazarus, ‘Companions of our Lord.’ These two sisters and brother opened their home as a place where Jesus experienced the ministry of hospitality. And Jesus gently pointed-out to Martha that busyness can be a distraction; that, though there are things that need to be attended to, we need to allow ourselves space to listen to his voice. It is a voice worth listening to, for the words it speaks are transformative – as these siblings discovered when Jesus stood at the tomb of his friend declaring, “Lazarus, come out!” and with these words calling life out of death.

This month I have written a lot – have been productive. Less over the next month: time for a summer break: time to slow down: time to abide: time to listen more closely: time to allow the words I have heard to do their work in me. Constant busyness denies us this necessary space, this necessary cyclical stage in our spiritual growth.

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