Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Bible : Our Story

This coming Sunday evening I am starting a new course at St Andrew’s, ‘The Bible, our story’

My intention is to host one Sunday evening a month, for twelve months, and my hope is that there will be a not-too-big group of people who will commit to the series. We’ll be recording the evenings, f
or those who can’t make it any given month.

This Sunday will be something of a taster, although I think both the content and approach will vary considerable from month to month. What I have in mind for the course is to give an overview of the story told in the Bible: key themes; key personalities; how the different books fit together; and background to the books, including how the geography of the bible lands impacts the story, and the different cultures that shape the story too. As I said, I’ll be hosting, but there’ll be conversation going on too (perhaps more some months than others), not just my voice.

How will I measure the impact of the course? In the extent to which those on it grow in passion for the story that unfolds in the Bible, and confidence in finding their own part within that unfolding story.

Dates, for the rest of 2010, on the image above.

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