Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time For A Change

Time for a change. I liked the black design through Advent, Christmas, and most of Epiphany, the banner image of the Liverpool Eye at night, the theme of light shining in darkness. But it is time for a change: something simple - and not dark.

The new banner image is of a carved cross, a gift from my friend Jon, that I have hung on the wall of my study. Jon didn’t know it, but I was thinking that the wall needed a cross. I can’t even say why, exactly. But the gift, and the timing of the gift, have been a greater gift than could have been imagined.

I’ve also added a banner image at the bottom of the page, a ceiling painting from the Monastery of the Temptation, built on a cliff edge close to the place where Jesus spent forty days and nights, immediately after his baptism in the Jordan, fasting and meditating on Moses’ address to the people before they entered the Promised Land, in preparation for his own invasion. The beautifully painted image of the risen Christ as ‘Lord of All’ is one that has held my imagination ever since I stood beneath it.

The images in the sidebar – the circle, semicircle, triangle, square, and pentagon – have their own significance, and have become permanent features, fixed points around which the design can be adapted.

Over the years this blog has undergone shifts in content as well as design. It is time for a change...and it might be even be time for a change.

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