Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday | Palm Sunday + 5

Zechariah has a vision of one pierced by the people. But in this act of violence, God is at work:

He will pour out a spirit of grace and supplication on the people. The people's response will be to mourn as for the death of a firstborn and only son. And God's response will be to open a fountain that will wash away their sin and impurity - all they have done wrong, and every way in which they have been wronged, that has mis-shaped them.

It is God's initiative - his act of grace - that moves the people to ask for mercy. Indeed, their asking for mercy has its origin in God - without the spirit of grace, they would not desire to ask for mercy; and without the spirit of supplication, they would not be able to ask for mercy, even recognising their need. And it is God's initiative that washes away sin. God from first to last. The greatest example of a miscarriage of justice in history...

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