Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jesus | Simon Of Cyrene


  1. I was walking up the street, camera in hand, when a bin man, bin on his shoulder, ran across the road towards me. That image would have worked in this context: exploring ideas of those crucified as considered garbage, carried outside the city walls. But I didn't get a clear line of fire. That was the opportunist image that got away.

    I hope to find an image by the end of Holy Week.

  2. Religious language makes use of the phrase "covered by the blood of Jesus"...Simon of Cyrene was the first to be covered - literally - by his blood.

    I imagine Simon as having come up to Jerusalem for the feast of the Passover, dressed in his best wedding-and-feast-days robes - only for those robes to be torn and splattered with blood and sweat and dust (and quite possibly piss and shit, too) as he is forced to carry another man's cross in the parade to public execution.

    And I wonder about how we dress ourselves up in order to approach God; and how we end up looking before him.