Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Recipe

This Christmastide we have made

time for being with family, and time for being with friends;
time for being the visitors, and time for being the hosts;
time for feasting at tables, and time for going for walks in the countryside;
time to be with others, and time to be on our own;
time for playing games together, and very little time for watching TV;
time for looking back over the year
that has just ended,
and time for looking forward into the year
that has just begun;
time to say sorry, and time to say thank you,
to each other, to others, to God.

It has been a good Christmas, so far. Overall, I think that we have got the balance about right this year. The one thing we could have done better was a little less filled-time and a little more down-time. A little more sleep, all round. That’s been hard to come by, what with the excitement of sleepovers, combined with the discomfort of sleeping on floors, and the higher-than-usual amount of sugar coursing through veins…

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