Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gone Out - Back Later

I haven't been out and about in the bloggosphere much of late...

In part, I've been writing in other contexts. I've been invited to write a couple of chapters on, essentially, emerging church - the nature of church/mission/discipleship/etc. in a C21st/western/postmodern/etc. context - for a book of global missiological contributions. I guess the irony is that the invitation is in large part on the basis of what I have written, visibly, here, over many months...and that suffers as a result. I wish I was a genius, perhaps like tsk...[; )]

In part, I've been working, and helping out one afternoon a week at my daughter's school, and shopping for groceries, and spending time with my family...and neglecting all of these things on occasion...It's not that there's too much on my plate (or that I'm trying to keep too many plates spinning at once); just that life is like that. I guess the secret is to live in the moment - not focusing on the thing I'm not doing instead of the thing I am doing, at any given time. Otherwise everything and everyone gets second-best.

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