Saturday, August 19, 2006

Birth Announcement

Elijah Samuel Dowsett was born at home at 10:16 pm on Friday 18 August 2006, weighing 8lbs 1.5oz

Susannah and Noah seem to be very pleased with their new brother, and both of them have enjoyed holding him today.

So far, Elijah is keeping to the time zone in which he began, rather than the one in which he was born. He kept his mum and dad up through his first night, and has slept most of today…

Sleep-deprivation aside, Jo is doing really well. The midwives were amazed at how calm she is in labour. She was amazing, and I am so proud of her. As for Elijah, he has won her heart from the first moment.

Welcome to our family, Elijah! You are much loved…



  1. He's gorgeous! Welcome little fella!

  2. The Edwards family2:27 pm

    Congratulations Jo and Andrew! (We're away but heard a rumour things were happening so I had to have a little nosey on your blog)
    Looking forward to meeting Elijah in person. Someone else for Evie to boss around when they're bigger...
    Love Laura, Meurig and co

  3. Congrats Andrew! And I love the name.

  4. Anonymous6:13 pm

    congrats guys!

    A baby conceived in Oz - hehehe


  5. congratulations!!! Gorgeous addition!

  6. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Delighted for you all - he's beautiful! Look forward to meeting him. Jamie v. excited about his new cousin.

    love from Rachel, Wobbles, Jamie & Rosie xoxo

  7. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Dear Jo and Andrew! May God bless your family and the newborn Elijah. I am very happy for you. By the way I was grandfather for the third time this June with a grandson named - yes - Elijah. However spelled the Swedish way Elias. God bless you all!
    Leif Nordlander

  8. congratulations to you all!

    Ruth is right... he *is* gorgeous :)


  9. Well Done to you all and especially beautiful Elijah!
    Our prayers for a long and happy life!
    All of us.

  10. Congratulations to you all-
    he looks very sweet. (And if he is as great a baby as Noah, you will be blessed indeed!)

  11. Anonymous7:49 am

    Those Aussie babies--they're the best!
    Congratulations, guys, er, blokes.
    love, the Smith family

  12. Anonymous11:55 am

    Congratulations from Julian, Abi and Martha x

  13. Anonymous2:42 pm


    Congratulations Jo, Andrew, Susannah and Noah and welcome to the world Elijah.

    Love Stephen, Erica & Aidan XX

  14. Great news guys!! What a gorgeous new baby. May God continue to bless your family of 5.

    Andrew, Christine, Nicholas, Michaela and Lauren (from Perth).

  15. Gorgeous! Congratulations guys on the arrival of Elijah. May he be a blessing to you all.


  16. congratulations.

    praying for you all at this time.

  17. Katrina Holgate, W Australia7:49 pm

    Congratulations to you all and welcome baby Elijah. So exciting, our love and prayers are with you. Well done Mum (and Dad). We Praise the Lord for little Elijah. God bless you, Katrina, Jonathan and Girls.
    PS Brilliant photograph.

  18. "For each child that's born
    A morning star rises
    and sings to the Universe
    Who we are"
    -Sweet Honey in the Rock

    Welcome little one.
    We also had a big baby boy at home...but he's almost 6 now!