Thursday, December 03, 2015

Advent Five

Waiting takes us to the edge of ourselves.

Not from the centre, outward, coming to our end, beyond which we are not; but travelling in the other direction, arriving at the border beyond which we are.

The virtual reality of a post- digital revolution world is that we are all objects in our own lives. We might not be celebrities photographed by the paparazzi, our lives exposed in the press; but we cut out most of the middle-men and present ourselves via social media. We look at ourselves there, and – however honest we try to be in that presentation – see someone removed. We are in danger of losing touch with us.

This is not a rant against social media. It is a (small) celebration of the gift of waiting in an instant world.*

If I truly believed this, what difference would it make to how I live? What core practices might help earth my life?

*Which is also a flat earth, albeit tilted up from the old flat earth.

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