Monday, December 09, 2013

Advent 2013 : Day 9

God pushes at the boundaries, always wants to know what will happen if…

Let there be light! Sky! Land! Sea! Plants! Stars! Sea creatures! Flying creatures! Animals that live on land! Let there be creatures made in out likeness!

Like Mary.

The girl who talks back to an angel: you might be an expert in angel matters, but you don’t know very much about human bodies…

The mother who doesn’t take any nonsense from her son: I don’t care if you haven’t prepared a turn; this is a big social occasion, and no-one gets to just sit it out…

The woman who is not afraid to tell Jesus that he is losing his mind…

The woman who doesn’t care if you are a Roman centurion: that’s my son you are executing, and you’ll have to do it around me, because I am not stepping aside.
Mary pushes at the boundaries, always wants to know what will happen if…


Zechariah talks back to the angel, and is silenced. His motive is not inquisitiveness as to God’s permission-giving, life-releasing imagination, but hesitation: give me some guarantee. Mary, on the other hand, is all, I wonder what would happen if…well, no going back now!

Do not fear, said the angel.

I’m not afraid, replied Mary. Just momentarily overwhelmed by so many possibilities at once.

And then she composed herself, and said, Come on then, let’s go on an adventure.

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