Thursday, December 12, 2013

Advent 2013 : Day 12

To the old man who, frail flesh-and-blood,
dares to step into
what he believes to be the most dangerously holy spot on earth;

to the almost-a-woman-now,
about to step across
the door between was-child and wife;

to the man of humble means
whose mind is set
to take upon himself the shame of breaking off his wedding;

to shepherds in the fields by night,
who sing their faltering courage up
and jump, adrenalin-alert, at every dark-distorted sound;

to people under occupation,
who face capricious whims
and posturing of Roman legions:

do angels say, “Don’t be afraid!” in order that their message might be heard;
or is the very message that they bring, “Fear not…”
Fear not,
for I AM with you.

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