Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sea Odyssey : Giant Spectacular

The amazing French mechanical marionette street theatre company Royal De Luxe has been in Liverpool over the weekend, as part of the centenary events marking the sinking of the Titanic (the Titanic was registered in Liverpool, and many of her crew came from the city).

Over three days, their giants walked around Liverpool in an unfolding story inspired by a real little girl who wrote a letter to her father, a crew member on the ship, telling him how much she missed him.  He never received the letter – the Titanic having sailed from Southampton before it could be delivered – but in Royal De Luxe’s magical tale ‘Sea Odyssey : Giant Spectacular’ her uncle walked the seabed for a century to bring back the ship’s postal crate and the father’s reply, before an emotional reunion.

We took the train in to the city to see them yesterday, and it really was...spectacular.  The crews operating the Little Girl, her dog, and the towering Diver were mesmerising – especially the pairs jumping off the Diver’s rigging and running round to jump off again, in a conveyor-belt of motion that powered him forward.  The teamwork involved was quite simply absolutely inspiring.

I’ve added a set of photos on my flickr account.

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