Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Advent 2011 : Day 10

Hope is the temporal offspring of eternal love.  It is birthed because the world is not as it should be...and it will one day surrender its life knowing that the world is, at last, as it was first hoped.

Hope is inherent to every human heart.  We hope because we are created to bear the likeness of the Three-in-One who hoped first.  And hope will not end until its role is done.

But hope can be suppressed.  It can be crushed.  It can flicker and splutter, but not be put out.

Hope needs to be cherished.  It grows bold with use; grows confident with growing competence.  Hope calls others to rally to her cry, to join hope with hope.  Hope is a communal exercise, of a community that reaches out and welcomes in.

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