Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent 2011 : Day 2

You’re in plenty of time, so you purchase a coffee and a paper, and settle yourself in a seat across the concourse from the barrier between you and the platforms.  From here, you can keep half an eye on comings and goings: those arriving off trains, stepping through the gates, pausing to find their bearings before plunging on towards their final destination.  Some are met, by those who came here for the same reason you did: you smile to note this but, ultimately, you care as little about their meeting as they have any awareness of yours.  You unfold the paper, turn to the sports pages, wonder at the rise and fall of fortunes, glance at your watch, search your pockets for a pen and tackle the crossword or Sudoku.

Imagine.  Savour the distraction of waiting...

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