Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Lenten Thoughts

This year, Ash Wednesday is 9 March, and Easter Day is 24 April.

God does not want to stretch us so that we can grow.  You don’t get an oak tree by stretching out an acorn.  You don’t get a butterfly by pulling at both ends of a caterpillar.  God wants us to die to who we are, in order to be transformed into something that has not yet been...

May this season be to me a clearing, hidden, deep in the woods; of rich soil, open to rain and sunlight; in which I can fall.  May it be to me a cocoon, camouflaged from the predator, suspended in space and time; a safe cradle of transformation.  May this season open its arms to receive my dying, and then open its arms again to release my living.

I will be spending Lent in the wilderness that lies outside the global village of Facebook.

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