Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Fourth Day Of Christmas

The Holy Innocents

Christmas is for victims of injustice.

The model of the incarnation is this: God delivers us from evil not by removing us from the fiery furnace of injustice suffered at the hands of another’s arrogance or fear, but by entering-into the furnace with us, extinguishing the power of its flames to harm us...even where they consume our bodies.

The very idea of the incarnation – of God walking among us, in solidarity with us in the midst of our suffering – is disturbing to those who show no solidarity with those who suffer...as Herod the Great demonstrated, ordering infanticide in a vain attempt to snuff out the divine subversion before it could turn the world on its head.

Christmas is for victims of injustice, who wait patiently for the day of their deliverance.

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