Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Developing Leaders : Part 4

Lifeshapes is a language of discipleship, which enables us to be led and to lead others. In these posts [which assume familiarity with Lifeshapes] I want to reflect on their application in leadership development – taking people on from being able to take responsibility for themselves, to leading others, to leading leaders. In particular, I want to ask the questions:

Which shape is primary at each stage?

What character issues and skills issues need to be addressed at each stage (building on the previous stage)?

These reflections are very much a work in progress! Feed-back welcome.

Becoming a leader of leaders of mid-sized groups (e.g. celebration composed of clusters, overseeing children and youth teams)

Primary shape: the circle – choosing to learn from life

[This is counter-intuitive, as the circle is the first shape, and the summary of Jesus’ entire ministry: repent and believe. The circle is foundational to a life of discipleship. However, I am exploring the possibility that it might become the primary shape at this stage.]

Character issues: am I living in the power of the Spirit? am I dying to success? can I take risks?

Skills issues: are those I am discipling turning into effective leaders?

Secondary shape: the square – defining the priorities of life

Character issues: am I willing to go round the square again myself, in order to grow?

Skills issues: how easy do I find it to lead leaders who are/whose groups are at different stages of the square?

Secondary shape: the pentagon – knowing your role in life

Character issues: am I using my role as an excuse for character flaws? am I growing into my calling? am I being mentored in relation to my role?

Skills issues: am I developing role-specific skills?

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