Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day Seven In The Lisburn Lane House

It is seven days since we arrived, and we are beginning to discover our new world. Where you can get milk, or post letters. Where the bank is, and the bigger shops. The nearest supermarkets. (Once upon a time the collective intelligence of thousands-strong swarms of starlings traced ever-changing screen-savers in the sky all across England. In recent years, they have vanished: I can't remember when I last saw one. It turns out they have all relocated to the car-park of Tesco in Old Swan, where signs plead with the patrons "Please do not feed the birds"...)

Inside the house, one trip's worth of IKEA flat-pack furniture has been assembled; a second trip's worth has been bought and will (hopefully) be assembled tomorrow. Outside the house, the frame has gone up on the walls of the conservatory that will be my study. Tomorrow the glazing should go in. (Once it is finished, inside and out, there will be another trip to IKEA.)

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